Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Perfect Summer Dress

Today, I'm sharing the perfect summer dress in bright yellow to replace the sun that seems to have gone missing here in South Florida. Not only has it been m.i.a for a few days now, but will continue to elude us for approximately 4 more days this week. Don't worry, I've just started the book "Me Before You" (who's seen the movie!?) Hopefully that, among other things, can keep me occupied inside on these dreary days. 

Now, about this dress...I wore it twice over the weekend, which should tell you something! The material is cotton, so of course it's super comfortable and lightweight. I will warn you to size up, because it is a bit short; I'm 5'3 and wearing a size 6 for reference. Asos has this dress in multiple colors, which I will be ordering at least one more (especially at $25). I can't tell you how much I adore when a piece makes me feel this feminine and chic. Off-the-shoulder is nothing new, but it is a classic style that looks great. It has made a huge appearance this season, and I for one am glad.

Gotta Blast, God Bless!

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