Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DIY Pom Pom Keychain

Ashley Ciaccia
Surely, you have seen the brightly colored pom pom trend floating around on social media, not to mention in real life. If not, I am thoroughly surprised and wonder if you live under a metaphoric rock. It seems to be everywhere; on shoes, clothing, key chains, purses, etc. Cute, brightly colored balls of fluff, sign me up! So, I decided to make my own key chains to give as gifts to my friends, and lets be honest- to myself. These will also make great stocking stuffers in different "winter" colors. You can find all of the supplies needed at Michaels or your local craft store. I linked everything I used at the bottom of this post, including the video tutorial I learned from on youtube :)

Knitting Loom Pom Pom Maker / Yarn / Clasps / Tutorial Video

Gotta Blast, God Bless!

Ashley Ciaccia / Author & Editor

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